Julia Abenes Bikini Tweet

Julia Abenes Bikini Tweet

‏@MissJonelyn I don’t do the Stars and Strips thing, but ill make it up with a #bikini photo. Happy #4thJuly #Asian

Personal trainer Julie Abenes tweeted this sexy photo of herself in a bikini on the 4th of July! Talk about fireworks! Bam Bam! Very nice indeed!

Jillian Beyor Bikini Tweet

Jillian Beyor Bikini Tweet

@TeenyB We love this photo of the beautiful @JillianBeyor rocking her @TeenyB Bikini in the Caymen Islands. ‪#TGIF‬ ‪#Bikini

We here at Bikini Tweets also love this photo of Jillian Beyor. What an amazing body she has! WOW!

Juli Balcom Bikini Tweet

@Juli_Balcom Rockin my @TeenyB bikini!!! #winghouse #calendarshoot

A recent tweet from a sexy WingHouse calendar girl, Juli Balcom. She’s looking fantastic in that bikini. Very Hot! I now have a sudden urge for some hot wings and beer.

Whitney Thompson Bikini Tweet

‏@WhitneyANTM Bikini season?

Here’s a recent tweet from the only plus size winner of America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson. I only see two things that look plus sized to me. Wow!

Hot Bikini Models Tweet

‏@Kristy77_Borlin Backstage with some of my gorgeous bikini ladies #models #pageants #smiles #beauty #memories #bikinis

Some very hot and fit looking bikini models getting all made up backstage! Me Like!

MO’FKNTEP Bikini Tweet

@mofkntep New bikini! Hooray!!!!

This tattooed model shows off her new bikini with an instagram photo. Great body! She really seems to be into wildlife based on her bikini print and skin art.

Jaime Edmondson

@jaimeedmondson She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny leopard spotted @Swimgerie Have Faith bikini

The former Playboy Miss January 2012 posted this photo of her in an leopard print bikini as she soaks up the sun and tans her toned hot body! Meow!!

Vanessa Cage Bikini Tweet

‏@VanessaCage Like my bikini?

This tight bodied blonde model named Vanessa Cage recently tweeted a photo of herself in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Hot!

zoe hobson bikini

Zoe Hobson Bikini Tweet

@Zoe_Hobson @ZOO_UK #ZooTwitties Bikini Time

The beautiful Australian model, Zoe Hobson recently tweeted this photo of herself. She’s looking good!

Jessica Burciaga in a red knit bikini

Jessica Burciaga In A Red Knit Bikini

@JessicaBurciaga: Another hard day at work, lol

Former Playmate Jessica Burciaga showing she’s still got it going on. The knit bikini could be dangerous, once the thread starts unraveling bye bye bikini. I highly doubt anyone would complain if it were Jessica’s bikini that disappeared. I know I wouldn’t.

MissPrestin in a black bikini

MissPrestin in a black bikini

@MissPrestin: Spent the day at Shearwater Resort:P

Wow, MissPrestin has one of the finest looking bodies I’ve ever seen. So glad she tweeted this photo. Look at those abs and glistening tata’s, absolute perfection.

Maria Menounos bikini tweet

Right here we’ve got the uber-hot Maria Menounos in a yellow and white striped bikini taking some bikini pictures for her Twitter fans.  As you can plainly tell, Maria is a huge Celtics fan.  Naturally, she’s from Massachusetts!  Maria looks totally dynamite!

Another Adrianne Curry bikini tweet

Here we’ve got another tweet from Adrianne Curry.  We really like her – she’s got a rockin’ bikini body, and she loves to tweet bikini photos of herself to all her fans.  We’re still not sure what she’s famous for, but when you look this good in a bikini, does it really matter?

Kim Kardashian bikini tweet

Kim Kardashian recently tweeted some bikini photos of herself.  We’re guessing the main reason was to announce to the world that she’s once again single.  Having a girlfriend like Kim Kardashian is an expensive proposition.  One of the first requirements is that you own a boat that’s long enough to fit her legs on so she can do twitter bikini photo shoots!

Bar Rafaeli bikini tweet

Here’s Israeli superbabe Bar Rafaeli chilling on a yacht, probably somewhere in the Mediterranean.  She’s rocking a black bikini top with a string bikini bottom, and she’s looking pretty darn good doing it.  Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio thought Bar wasn’t hot enough, but we guess he’ll change his mind when he sees these bikini photos of his former squeeze!

Adrianne Curry bikini tweet

We just came across this amazing bikini photo of Adrianne Curry.  Someone told us she’s famous because she was on a reality show and wound up marrying one of the Brady Bunch, though we’re not sure which one, and we’re far too lazy to look it up.  All we know is that she looks pretty good in a bikini.  Apparently she tweeted these photos herself.  Awesome!

Demi Moore bikini tweet

I’ve always thought Demi Moore was hot.  She has that sexy, smoky voice, that cute innocent look, and that incredible body, what’s not to like?  Here we see Demi taking some bathroom bikini photos with her phone.  Call me crazy, but I’d bet there are millions of photographers who would love to photograph Demi Moore in a bikini, and she wouldn’t have to pay them a dime.  Still, these bikini photos of Demi are better than nothing – we get to see that a middle aged woman can have a body that a twenty year-old would be jealous of!

LeeAnn Rimes bikini tweet

Here’s an amazing photo of country crooner LeeAnn Rimes looking quite the hotty in her overstringed bikini.  LeeAnn likes to frequently post bikini photos of herself on her twitter page, mainly to dispel rumors that she’s getting fat, or unnaturally thin like other Hollywood starlets.  No, we tend to think LeeAnn has a rockin’ body, and it looks pretty au naturale to us.  We say keep those tweets coming LeeAnn,  you look fantastic!

Jewel Tweets bikini pictures

Man I can’t believe this photo of Grammy award nominee Jewel.  I mean, we all knew she was smokin’ hot, but this photo shows just how hot she is!  A chick that can sing and play guitar is cool enough, but when you throw in a rockin’ bikini body like this, any guy would be lucky to have her.  Look at how she’s smiling so confident with her shoulders back – she knows she looks amazing in this bikini.  Jewel is from Alaska originally, but in this bikini photo she looks like a sun-worshipping California girl.  Go Jewel!

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